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Welcome to our Podcast Network, the ultimate destination for podcasters seeking to thrive in the dynamic world of audio content. We offer a diverse range of compelling advantages that will propel your podcasting journey to unprecedented heights.

At the core of our offering is a cutting-edge tech stack solution meticulously tailored for podcasters. Countless hours of dedicated effort have gone into crafting the finest software solutions, all available at a remarkably affordable cost. SoundStack hosting, monetization, distribution and analytics services, Headliner’s additional distribution integration, and productions. We’re committed to making podcasting technology accessible and cost-effective for all podcasters.

One of our standout features is Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), designed to ease the burden of podcast production. We understand that podcasting demands significant effort, and that’s why we’re here to handle the heavy lifting. With DAI, we seamlessly integrate carefully curated ad campaigns into your episodes. These advertising audio marketing timestamps are strategically placed based on user preferences, demographics, and more, all meticulously designed to maximize your results. In essence, you can effortlessly monetize your podcast without cumbersome negotiations with advertisers. It’s podcast monetization made brilliantly simple.

But that’s not all – we believe in empowering you with choices. If you prefer to work directly with advertisers and incorporate hard-coded ads into your episodes, you have the freedom to do so. You remain in full control, retaining all the revenue generated from these partnerships. Your podcast, your rules. In addition to these powerful features, our software allows you to effortlessly remove all advertisements from your episodes.

Opening the door for you to offer a premium, ad-free podcast subscription to your loyal listeners, enhancing their experience while boosting your revenue. Tired of being just another number in the podcasting world? Join our Network, where you can become a part owner through your contract, earn rewards by referring other podcasters, collaborate and cross-pollinate with fellow podcasters, organically grow within our extensive network, harness the benefits of network SEO, and build the podcasting business you’ve always envisioned. We challenge you to find a better option out there.

We barely scratched the surface of value additions to our podcasters, so apply now and embark on this journey with us today that elevates your podcast to the next level. Your success is our utmost priority because as you grow, we grow.
The Network supplies Dynamic Advertisement Insertion (DAI) – We take care of the heavy lifting and supply you with campaigns so you can insert advertising audio time stamps into your episodes. Advertisements are algorithmically added in those time stamps based on user preferences, demographics, etc., to maximize results. With little effort and know-how, you are now monetizing your podcast without the hassle of negotiating with advertisers.
Don’t worry; if you decide you want a hard-coded/direct sell to an advertiser, you still can. Go for it, and you retain all the revenue.
Lastly, use the software to eliminate all advertisements to your episodes and offer a subscription to an advertisement-free podcast.



Starter Package

75% Network to 25% Podcaster split on Programmatic Ad commissions One Time Setup Fee $250.00 (Non-refundable)


Professional Package

$60.00 Hosting and Applications Access + 60% Network to 40% Podcaster split on Programmatic Ad commissions no Setup Fee